ManageIQ – PART II – Adding vSphere environment.

In previous PART I, we have installed and configured the ManageIQ appliance so that we can start with the on-premises cloud.

Adding vSphere Environment to ManageIQ

In the menu select: Compute >> Infrastructure >> Providers and then click Configuration >> Add a New Infrastructure Provider


In the following windows add the necessary information to complete the connection and click Validate. When validation was successful, click Add.


The new infrastructure provider has been added.

It will not take long before the infrastructure has been discovered and more information is shown onto the screen.


When checking the Relationships, you get an overview of the vSphere environment.


Same structure can be found under Clusters, Hosts, Virtual Machines, Resource Pools.


For the datastores is a slightly different view then the above items.You will see in a quick view the different datastores how many virtual machines that are running on these datastores. The pie diagram will give you also a quick view on how they are filled up.

providers07 When you have a datastore(s) cluster(s) in your environment you will view also these here under Datastore Clusters.


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