ManageIQ -PART I – Installation, standard server configuration

Starting with ManageIQ on an existing VMware environment is straightforward:

  1. Deploy OVA template
  2. Set static IP / Hostname / …
  3. Configure front page

… and we are ready to go.


Download OVA file

You can download the OVA for VMware environment at this download location.
Current stable release is DARGA-4.1

Deployment of the OVA file in the VMware environment

Click Deploy OVF template …
It’s a standard deployment of a OVF template


Select the file and click Next


Click Next


Select the data center location and click Next


Select the cluster and click Next


Select the datastore and click Next


Select the VM Network and click Next


Verify the overview and click Finish

The OVA will be installed and after powering on the server, we can start to configure the static IP address, hostname, …

Configure Static IP, Hostname, …

First thing that you need to do is to update your VMware Tools when this is needed.
Then you can open a console session to logon to the ManageIQ server or start a SSH session towards the IP address that has been assigned via DHCP.

When using the console session you can enter the prompt op the server by entering the root account and password (Default password: smartvm)


Type appliance_console, you will enter a menu that will guide you to several option settings:


The options I have used to configure the server are option 2, 4, 5, 6. After each step you will get an overview of your settings. Configuration of option 9 (Configure External Authentication (httpd) will be configure later.


You are ready to go and browser to the page of ManageIQ.

Configuration of ManageIQ via webpage

Enter administrator account (Default: admin / Password: smartvm) to enter the configuration pages of ManageIQ.

General Configuration

Go to Settings >> Configuration 


Under the TAB server, you can configure basic server settings. Like Time Zone, Server Control roles, VMware Console Support (VMRC Plugin, MKS Plugin, VNC), NTP Servers, SMTP Outging E-mail Server, Web Services, Loggin Type and Custom Support links. 

Another great tab Custom Logos. Here you can change the access page with your own logos.



Above an example of the intro page.

The server has been configure and in next Part II, we will add a VMware provider to the ManageIQ server.








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